Walking Around Ashover

Ashover Rock and Heathland Walk

About This Walk

This walk to the Ashover Rock, also known as The Fabrick, starts and finishes in the centre of Ashover but if you are staying at our holiday cottages in Alton the Ashover Rock is less than half a mile away. We provide our guests with a bespoke version of this walk which starts and ends at Wildflower Cottages. For more information about walking around the parish of Ashover see our guide.

Where Do I Start?

Just outside the OLD POETS’ CORNER pub in Ashover.

What Will I See?

Stunning views of Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire & Staffordshire as well as Derbyshire.

Will I Make It?

There’s one fairly steep climb but it’ll do you good.

Theme Song

On a Clear Day

How Long Will It Take?

About an hour.

The Walk

Leave the pub by the front door – the most difficult decision! Cross the road and head up the road by the church. Fork right at the Black Swan. Look for a kissing gate on your left just after the pub. The path climbs steadily up the field and then leads under a 19th century road bridge (the toffs didn’t want to see common folk) along a well-defined path and under another ‘tunnel’.

After the second tunnel some steps lead immediately onto a lane. Turn left and then, after a few paces, right by a gate. The path leads steadily up the fields. Keep looking at the view – it’s the best way to catch your breath! After you have climbed some ancient steps you have reached the top. If you turn right here you will see Fabrick Rock (Ashover Rock). It is worth the detour as there is a pointer map which identifies the names of places on the horizon (it’s not quite accurate – had the workmen been in the pub before they set the metal in the concrete?!!)

You can now retrace your steps to the top of the steps but then follow the path along the ridge. When the path meets the road turn left and then keep to the ridge by going straight ahead at the crossroads (Hilltop Road). There are great views down to the village all along this road and you can choose any path or road that goes to your left to get back to the village.

The shortest but nicest way is to follow Hilltop Road until you get to Appletree Knoll farm and then look for the sign post on your left at the corner.

Go through the slit stile and follow the path through the gorse and down the slope to a gate. The path then leads to the right of the wood you can see and then swings down hill round its side to a gate. From here, look diagonally down the field and the last gate is opposite the road that you can see going down the hill (the part of the village called The Rattle).

Once you’ve gone through the stile from the field, turn left and follow the road down to the middle of the village where you will see the post office in front of you. Turn left and then look for the entrance to the churchyard on your right. Follow through the churchyard and you should then be ready for a drink!!!

This walk was devised by Richard Felton. We hope you enjoyed it, perhaps the first of many around Ashover. If you want to try more, a book of 6 detailed walks around the parish is available from local shops for £3. All sale proceeds go towards footpath improvement.

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